Saturday, August 13, 2016


By: Tabitha Suzuma.
This book has 454 pages.
I recommend this book to anyone who is 14 and older.
Before I get into this review I have to say that this book is going to be hard to review.
To someone who hasn't read the book, my review and opinion about it will seem strange and unusual.
For those who might have read the book, you might understand where I'm coming from with what I'm going to write about the book.
Usually the books that contain the the topic of incest are usually about non-consensual incest.
This book however is about how two siblings fall in love.
While reading this book, you go on an emotional roller coaster.
You know that what the characters are doing isn't right, but at the same time you somehow want them  to find a way to be together.
They too know that what they are doing is wrong, but to them it seems so right.
I am honestly at loss of words at trying to explain how this book made me feel.
Honestly speechless.
It made me want to cry once I reached the ending.
It's just not the typical kind of book that you hear or read.
It felt like my brain was being manipulated. The author does a great job of making you forget that Lochan and Maya are siblings.
They are honestly in love.
No part in the book did I question if their feelings were real or not.
As many of you know, I really like books that have alternating points of view. In this book, it switches between Lochan and Maya.
This book tugs on your heartstrings. As a reader you just want them to end up happy.
I will no be accepting anyone's opinion about this review if they first haven't read the book.
The book is honestly amazing.
I give it a 5 out of 5!

Lochan is the oldest of five siblings. Maya is the second oldest.
Lochan is 17 years old and Maya is 16 years old.
Kit is a troublesome 13 year old brother that as a reader you just have to close the book out of annoyance. 
Then there's Tiffin and Willa who are just kids who are forced to grow up sooner than they should.
Their mother honestly has no right to call herself a mother. She is an alcoholic who has a priority of partying with her boyfriend over caring for her kids.
Lochan and Maya have sadly become used to this and have taken on the role of being the "mom" and "dad" to their siblings.
Their father chose to leave when he couldn't handle being with the family.
Lochan and Maya have always been best friends and felt more than siblings.
To getting their younger siblings ready for school, helping them with homework, and basically raising them, they are always together.
They want to raise them right.
But Kit doesn't understand what they are sacrificing for him, Tiffin, and Willa.
He wants to rebel against them as much as possible. 
Lochan is a straight A student, but can't handle talking. He has a phobia of talking in front of his classmates. He can talk to anyone other than his classmates. He gets laughed at for it, but he has more important things to worry about.
It's normal to date while being a teen, but Lochan has never had a girlfriend.
As Lochan and Maya start spending more time with each other, they both start to have strong feelings for each other, but they try to push them aside because they know that what they feel is illegal.
Maya tries to date a guy in hope to forget about her feelings for her older brother.
But sometimes love chooses you and has no bounds.

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