Saturday, July 2, 2016

Skin and Bones

Skin and Bones.
By: Sherry Shahan.
This book has 259 pages.
I recommend this book to both boys and girls 13 and older.
Once I was done reading this book, I was left wanting to know what happens with every character.
You go on a wild roller coaster ride with all of these characters and watch how they develop and grow  and then the book ends and you don't know what to think.
I enjoyed seeing how all the relationships grew into something magical!
This is a very quick read.
Once you get into the book, you honestly can't put it down.
Although I enjoyed the book, I felt like some parts of the book dragged on a bit too long.
In my opinion, this book is special because it shares a story that is realistic.
Many books that I have read about eating disorders, a girl is usually the protagonist, while in this book, a boy is the main character.
Each character plays a special role in the book and in Jack's recovery.
Jack starts doing things that he never thought that he would find the courage to do.
It's not the same old plot like every book.
It holds romance, suspense, and action!
This novel was written in a way that deals with a serious topic, but in a way that won't bore teenagers and conveys the necessary lesson.
I give this book a 4 out of 5!

Jack is being sent away to the EDU, which is the Eating Disorders Unit.
It has been decided that he will benefit being there. 
Jack is dealing with anorexia.
It all started when he was younger and a saleswomen handed him a pair of jeans that were husky.
It started with losing a few pounds, to feeling stronger when not eating.
His roommate, David, who people call Lard, is a compulsive overeater. Also he is an aspiring chef.
They become close friends, almost like brothers, even though they are opposites in certain things.
They reach the point where they can joke about each other .
From dealing with Dr.Chu, to having trouble eating, and going up to the hospital roof to do some illegal stuff, they've done it all.
One day, a fragile girl walks into the dinning room and Jack is in awe.
He's never been in love or had any kind of contact with girls in that way, but if he were to describe being in love, this is how he would describe it.
The girl that he sees is Alice.
Alice is a returning patient. Just like Jack, she has anorexia.
She is an aspiring ballerina who doesn't care how hard she has to work for her dreams to come true.
She refuses to eat to the point, she has to be put in the ICU.
Lard also starts a relationship with a girl in the EDU.
Unlike Jack, you could say that Alice is experienced when it comes to relationships.
Just when the future looks good for Jack, a dramatic event happens that changes everything.
Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!

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