Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Different Me

A Different Me.
By: Deborah Blumenthal.
This book has 261 pages.
I recommend this book to girls ages 14 and older.
This book is definatley a quick summer read!
Everyone has their own insecurities. Some people are insecure about their hair, their past, their weight. Anything can be an insecurity. In this case, Allie's insecurity is her nose.
This book does a good job of teaching readers that just because a person seems fine on the outside, they're not necessarily fine on the inside.
We all look at someone that has something that we don't and wish that we had it.
We think that maybe if we had that one thing, everything would be so much better. We assume that out life would be perfect. But is that really true?
Everyone should be conformable in their own skin. Their appearance shouldn't hold anyone back.
Of course it's easy to say that, but harder to do.
I really enjoyed this book because you got to know the characters as humans and their emotions where realistic and not fake.
Sometimes all it takes is to be around people who make you feel wanted and your whole perspective on life changes.
This book defiantly teaches a valuable lesson!
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

Allie is a high school student who has an insecurity that gets in way with her daily activities.
Her nose is her biggest insecurity. She's just a teenager but she is sure she wants rhinoplasty, in other words, a nose job.
She's been wanting it ever since she can remember.
She thinks if her nose didn't have that noticeable bump, her life would be so much better.
She goes onto a website where other people write their insecurities about their noses, and Allie can relate to what is being said. 
On that website, she makes two friends Mel and Katrina.
They all decide to get a nose job. 
Mel gets the surgery first, leaving Allie a bit jealous and wanting a nose job even more.
Allie is a good student. She's not popular but she has her close group of friends.
At times, she wishes she was Amber. Amber is the popular girl that is drop dead gorgeous. She thinks that Amber's life is perfect. 
She looks up to Amber and wants to be like her. But with her low self-esteem, lack of popularity and of course her nose in the way, she isn't happy with her life. 
But one day she gets the news that she'll be tutoring Amber. 
After a while of tutoring, Allie and Amber become very good friends to the point that Amber opens up to Allie about her life.
That's when Amber realizes that a pretty face, doesn't means a pretty life.
Allie also starts tutoring this guy David that she considers a bit of a freak.
He always has a camera with him and takes pictures of everyone, especially at their worst moments. He wears eyeliner to school, and just in general sends out wired vibes.
David and Allie become close and she never expected this to happen.
With Allie becoming more self confident with the people who accept her for who she is, what will happen with her life?

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