Friday, June 24, 2016

The Chronicles of Dan Lee O'Brien

The Chronicles of Dan Lee O'Brien
By: David Jordan.
This book has 252 pages.
Since it is summer, us students, we have more time than we usually do. 
For those students that adore reading books, like me, must be excited about this time of year!
It's only been two weeks of summer for me and I've already finished reading four books!
I recommend this book to anyone and everyone that is looking for an amazing book to read over the summer.
I know that many people my age don't enjoy reading books. One of my close friends is like that. 
I've given her numerous books that I enjoyed for her to read, and each time I get the same answer from her, "It's too boring. I don't like it," or "This has such a basic plot, I'm not gonna read it."
I gave her a week to read this book and to tell me what she thinks. 
In two days I get a phone call from her saying how this book, is the best book that she has ever read!
She can't stop talking about it.
So to all those people saying that reading just isn't their thing, I defiantly recommend this book to you!
This book contains 11 short stories.
It is based off of Irish mythology.
The cool part of the book is that it includes specific names of gods and goddesses. It's great how the book has a modern taste to it!
Another thing that I loved about the book is that after reading each short story, the reader is left with a lesson. There's a deeper meaning to each short story!
Certain parts of the book had mysterious vibes to them which was captivating.
 In each story, you get to go on an adventure with Dan Lee.
I guess you could say that he is a specialist in investigating supernatural events.
At times, Dan Lee encounters hardships along the way.
The way that he handles every situation is something special!
I've read many books before, but this one is defiantly unique and I will remember it!
You will not regret reading this book!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

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