Saturday, April 23, 2016

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park
By: Rainbow Rowell.
This book has 325 pages.
I recommend this book to anyone 13 and older!
I really love how this book isn't the typical love story.
I definitely am a fan of love stories, but after reading so many, at times it feels like every love story has the same plot and the same ending.
 I am happy to say that this book isn't the average love story!
The character development is so great! As a reader, we get to see each and every character grow. Not only that, but also we watch all the relationships grow and become stronger.
Also, the alternating point of views was something that made the book a whole lot better!
My only problem with the book was the ending!
Of course I will not spoil it, but the ending was not what I expected.
Many people agree that the ending should have been different.
Even though the ending is not what we want, it makes the book a bit different by having this ending!
In general this was such a heartwarming book!
I give this book a 4 out of 5!

The book is set in the mid 80's.
In a crowd, Eleanor stands out. She doesn't do it purposely. If she could, she'd hide from the crowd. 
Park is a laid back type of guy. In a way, he stands out too.
 Eleanor and Park are both sixteen. Two high school students who don't know much about love.
Yet, they both develop a crush on each other.
Eleanor gets bullied in school for the way that she looks. Especially on the bus.
Park and Eleanor start sitting together on the bus. Park is into comic books and music.
He brings comic books onto the bus ride to school and Eleanor can't help but read the comic books over his shoulder. 
They start talking to each other and become friends.
Eleanor doesn't feel good enough compared to Park.
She comes from a poor family. She lives with her siblings, mom, and a violent stepfather.
She doesn't have good clothes, she just wears what she can. She doesn't even have her own toothbrush.
Park on the other hand, has a good life at home.
As their feelings become greater, they want to start hanging out together.
There's no way that Eleanor could bring Park over to her home, so instead Park brings Eleanor to his home.
His parents aren't too thrilled about Eleanor. But after a while they grow accustomed to her.
Later on in the book problems start to occur, which leads to an unexpected ending!
I  defiantly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a quick, heartwarming book!
Let me know what you think of the book!