Sunday, November 2, 2014

Gathering Blue.

Gathering Blue.
By Lois Lowry.
This is a companion book to "The Giver".
The 3rd book is "Messenger". The 4th book is "Son".
This book has 240 pages. 
I adore this book.
The only thing I didn't really like about the book is the ending.
I just really wanted a little more than what we got. One of the climaxes was reached and then BOOM, the end of the book. 
I give this book a 5/5.

Kira, a two syllable name. She is now an orphan. Her mom has died of illness. While her father was taken by beasts before she was born. Living on her own, will be a struggle. The cott that Kira and Katrina, her mom, lived in was burned down because of the illness. So Kira has no shelter. Kira has a crippled leg. She can't do everything that everyone else can do. Even if she tries she can't accomplish it or it takes her longer to finish the task. 
The women are against Kira in every way possible. They say she is useless and shouldn't be in the village. Ever since Kira was born, The women have wanted to put her in the field for beasts. One of the main women is Vandara. When Kira returns to re-build her cott, the women basically go on a strike. They don't allow her to build the cott. They threaten to throw rocks at her or to send her to the Field of Beast. 
But Kira remains calm. Kira is smart and doesn't allow the situation get to her. She thinks through everything. Vandara takes her to the Council. Which is lake a court. 
This could be her last day of being alive. 
But even if she continues to live, she would be hated by all of the women in the village. 
Read to find out what happens to Kira. 
This book is filled with dialogue that'll make you laugh, and even tear up a bit!

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