Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Outsiders.

"The Outsiders."
By: S. E. Hinton.
The novel has 180 pages.
I recommend this book to boys and girls ages 12+.
I love how this book is simple but yet fascinating.
I had to read this book for summer reading and at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to read.
I was very doubtful of the book. I didn't really want to read a book about boys in a bad part of town fighting.  But I had to read it. After I read it, I was shocked. I didn't expect it to be that good.
I loved how each character had such a strong and different personality.
"The Outsiders" teaches you a very big life lesson.
The book is also turned into a movie!
Make sure to check out the movie. But first read the book!
I give the novel a 5 out of 5!

14 year old Ponyboy lives in a town in Oklahoma. He is apart of the "Greasers". There are 2 gangs in the town. "Greasers" are the people who are poor and the "Socs" are the people who are rich.
The "Greasers" and "Socs" live in constant rivalry.
Ponyboy lives with his 2 brothers. Soda and Darry. They get to live together as long as they stay out of trouble. Which they try to stay out of trouble. But being a "Greaser" it is hard. 
Darry is the oldest out of the brothers and Ponyboy is the youngest. Darry and Ponyboy constantly fight. Ponyboy is convinced that Darry hates him.
The trouble begins when Ponyboy comes home late at night.. Darry gets furious and hits Ponyboy. Ponyboy is shocked. No one from his family has ever hit him. He doesn't even think, he just runs. He runs to his friend Johnny and says that they are running away. They decide not to and just to to go to the park and cool off.  Everything is going well until the "Socs" show up. They become aggressive and they end up killing one of the "Socs".
What will they do now?
Will they confess? 
Or will they run away for good?
Will they survive?
Read to find out!

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