Tuesday, July 8, 2014

If I Stay.

"If I Stay".
By: "Gayle Forman.
This novel has 234 pages.
I recommend this book for teens 13 or 14+.
"If I Stay" is such a beautiful book. It is written in pure emotion. 
You cannot describe the emotion in this book. 
I, myself, was heartbroken while reading "If I stay".
Also, this book is being turned into a movie.
It comes out August 22nd!
I will definitely  watch the movie!
I give this novel a 5 out of 5!!
Make sure to pick up the sequel "Where She Went".

Seventeen year old Mia is a smart girl. She was raised in a very musical family. 
She has a talent and connection playing the cello.
She gets accepted to Julliard a music school in New York.
She also has a boyfriend- Adam. He also has a strong connection with music. He has his own band- "Shooting Star". He is the lead singer and he plays the guitar.
The love for music got Adam and Mia closer.
But it might also destroy them.
All of this changes one day when Mia, her dad, her mom, and her younger brother Teddy are in a deadly car accident.
Her mom and dad are pronounced dead at the scene.
While Teddy fights for his life. But he doesn't survive. 
While Mia has fallen into a coma.
She has plenty of injuries.
She also turns into a ghost. She can walk and see everything, but people can't see her.
Now here comes a very hard decision. 
Does she live and stay on earth as a orphan?
Or does she go with her family ?
Read this novel to live the journey with Mia.
What would you pick? 
Also, don't forget about the movie that premieres August 22nd!. 
And read the sequel "Where She Went".

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  1. You have an amazing talent for writing! You should think about writing a book! You have totally made me want to read If I Stay. Thank You!