Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The List.

"The List"
By: Siobhan Vivian.
This novel has 332 pages.
I recommend this book for teenage girls.
This book captures such a vivid look of how High School revolves. Probably not exactly the same way, but you capture a visual to what kind of people to expect.
This book is told from eight different points of view.
 I really enjoy when books are written from different points of view because you get to learn more about the characters.
I give this book a 4 out of 5. 
Even though I LOVED Reading "The List", I was disappointed that we only got to "live" with the girls for only a week. I expected a little bit more. 
Each year in Mount Washington High, before homecoming a list comes out and states the ugliest and the prettiest.
Ugliest:  Danielle Demarco.
Prettiest: Abby Warner.
Ugliest: Candace Kincaid.
Prettiest: Lauren Finn.
Ugliest: Sarah Singer.
Prettiest: Bridget Honeycutt.
Ugliest: Jennifer Briggs.
Prettiest: Margo Gable.
Each girl is either delighted with the list or heartbroken.
Abby is a freshman, when she gets awarded with being the prettiest freshman girl she is surprised. But she isn't the smartest girl ever. While her older sister is a genius. So the problems begin.
Danielle is named the ugliest. She isn't ugly. She's just very muscular. She's worried what her boyfriend will do. He gets teased about her. Will they last?
Lauren has always been home schooled, her first year in public school. She is  instantly popular.
She takes Candances spot in being popular. Candance is named the ugliest. She knows it's a mistake. But is it?
Bridget has always been an average sized girl. But she wanted to be skinnier. So she starved herself. When she comes back to school everyone is stunned. She knows that this is not being something to be proud of.
Sarah has always had her own style and never was the type of person to follow the the trend. When she gets put on the list as the ugliest, she rebels.
Margo and Jennifer had been best friends. But after a while they weren't. Jennifer has been named ugliest 4 years in a row. Now Jennifer and Margo have to speak to each other and finish their history.
Go on the journey with these eight girls and see what happens the week and what happens at homecoming! 

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