Sunday, June 15, 2014

Girl, Stolen

"Girl, Stolen."
By: April Henry.
This book has pages 213 pages.
"Girl, Stolen" is one of the best page turning books.
The base of the story was interesting. I wondered how April Henry could pull off this book.
But once again she did it perfectly. I was engaged in this book sooo much.
I recommend this book to boys and girls ages 12+.
I also reviewed a different April Henry book- "The Night She Disappeared.¨ Make sure to check that review too!:
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

Cheyenne Wilder is 16 years old and she is blind. She has been blind for the last three years.
Her step-mom went to get her prescription for the antibiotics because she is sick.
It's almost Christmas time so thief's are on the look out.
Since the car is on for Cheyenne, Griffin one of the kidnappers takes the car.
He doesn't realize that Cheyenne is in it.
He only wanted the car. Nothing more.
But it's too late to leave the car and what can he do about the car he just kidnapped?
Griffin feels horrible about kidnapping her.
But he's not like the usual kidnappers. He is nice to Cheyenne.
The other thief's become interested in Cheyenne when the news says that her father is Nike's president.
They want to use her to get loads of money.
Even though Griffin is the one who kidnapped her, he tries to save her life.
Will it work out?
Or will something worse happen?
Read to find out!

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