Friday, June 20, 2014


By: Ellen Hopkins.
This novel has 565 pages.
It probably seems like a lot of pages but, Ellen Hopkins writes her books in a verse. So it's not written like every book. That's one of the tings that makes the book unique. 
"Identical" is deeply disturbing. I don't recommend giving this book to anyone under 14.
I as a teenager cringed at this book. The scenes were breath taking and not in a good way.
I had to put the book down for a while because it was extremely disturbing.
Also, the book changes point of view!
I give this book a 4 out of 5.
For me the free verse was a little distracting at times. 

Two identical twin girls- Kaeleigh and Raeanne don't have a regular teenage life. 
Their dad is district- court judge. Their mom is running for congress.
Kaeleigh has been abused by her father since she was a kid. She's not allowed to tell anyone.
Raeanne wants to protect Kaeleigh but she's jealous of her because their father picked Kaeleigh and not her.
So Raeanne deals with it her way. She skips school gets high and goes to bed with many boys.
But none of the twins can let their secrets go public or that might risk their mother's place for congress.
They both live in constant fear with their father and their mother never being a real mother because she backed away from the family after a tragic car accident.
The accident was cause by the father- Ray. 
Ray caused the accident while drunk driving with the both twin girls when they were little.
The mother backs away from the family and escapes to her political career.
The ending of the book was so unexpected.
Read at your own risk! The book was written extraordinarily.
Tell me what your opinion on this book is! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Girl, Stolen

"Girl, Stolen."
By: April Henry.
This book has pages 213 pages.
"Girl, Stolen" is one of the best page turning books.
The base of the story was interesting. I wondered how April Henry could pull off this book.
But once again she did it perfectly. I was engaged in this book sooo much.
I recommend this book to boys and girls ages 12+.
I also reviewed a different April Henry book- "The Night She Disappeared.¨ Make sure to check that review too!:
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

Cheyenne Wilder is 16 years old and she is blind. She has been blind for the last three years.
Her step-mom went to get her prescription for the antibiotics because she is sick.
It's almost Christmas time so thief's are on the look out.
Since the car is on for Cheyenne, Griffin one of the kidnappers takes the car.
He doesn't realize that Cheyenne is in it.
He only wanted the car. Nothing more.
But it's too late to leave the car and what can he do about the car he just kidnapped?
Griffin feels horrible about kidnapping her.
But he's not like the usual kidnappers. He is nice to Cheyenne.
The other thief's become interested in Cheyenne when the news says that her father is Nike's president.
They want to use her to get loads of money.
Even though Griffin is the one who kidnapped her, he tries to save her life.
Will it work out?
Or will something worse happen?
Read to find out!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


By: Laurie Halse Anderson.
The novel has 278 pages.
This book deals with real-word problems. About eating disorders.
I recommend this book to girls 13+.
"Wintergirls" was one of the saddest books ever. I read it in a day. Words can't describe this book.
I give it a 5 out of 5!
΅If you're a teenage girl, Wintergirls might just save your life."-Miami Herald.
"A fearless, riveting account of a young women in the grip of a deadly illness"- New York Rimes Book Review.  
 Lia and Cassie were best friends. They made a pact that they would be the thinnest girls in the school.
Lia accomplishes that by starvation. Cassie accomplishes that by purging.
But just like many friendships, they aren't friends after a couple of years.
But they pact they made is still alive. They won't give up.
But one day Cassie dies.
Now, Lia can 'see' Cassie everywhere. She can talk to her, too.
Even though Lia is skinny as a twig, she weighs 95 pounds ( her weight drops in the book over time) but she still thinks she is fat. 
How far will Lia go to be 'skinny' in her eyes? 
Will the same thing happen to Lia as it did to Cassie?
Or will she realize that what she is doing is wrong and get help?
This is such a beautiful book. Laurie Halse Anderson has such a gift of writing. Make sure to read her other books! 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The List.

"The List"
By: Siobhan Vivian.
This novel has 332 pages.
I recommend this book for teenage girls.
This book captures such a vivid look of how High School revolves. Probably not exactly the same way, but you capture a visual to what kind of people to expect.
This book is told from eight different points of view.
 I really enjoy when books are written from different points of view because you get to learn more about the characters.
I give this book a 4 out of 5. 
Even though I LOVED Reading "The List", I was disappointed that we only got to "live" with the girls for only a week. I expected a little bit more. 
Each year in Mount Washington High, before homecoming a list comes out and states the ugliest and the prettiest.
Ugliest:  Danielle Demarco.
Prettiest: Abby Warner.
Ugliest: Candace Kincaid.
Prettiest: Lauren Finn.
Ugliest: Sarah Singer.
Prettiest: Bridget Honeycutt.
Ugliest: Jennifer Briggs.
Prettiest: Margo Gable.
Each girl is either delighted with the list or heartbroken.
Abby is a freshman, when she gets awarded with being the prettiest freshman girl she is surprised. But she isn't the smartest girl ever. While her older sister is a genius. So the problems begin.
Danielle is named the ugliest. She isn't ugly. She's just very muscular. She's worried what her boyfriend will do. He gets teased about her. Will they last?
Lauren has always been home schooled, her first year in public school. She is  instantly popular.
She takes Candances spot in being popular. Candance is named the ugliest. She knows it's a mistake. But is it?
Bridget has always been an average sized girl. But she wanted to be skinnier. So she starved herself. When she comes back to school everyone is stunned. She knows that this is not being something to be proud of.
Sarah has always had her own style and never was the type of person to follow the the trend. When she gets put on the list as the ugliest, she rebels.
Margo and Jennifer had been best friends. But after a while they weren't. Jennifer has been named ugliest 4 years in a row. Now Jennifer and Margo have to speak to each other and finish their history.
Go on the journey with these eight girls and see what happens the week and what happens at homecoming!