Saturday, April 19, 2014

Six Months Later.

Six Months Later.
By: Natalie D. Richards.
This novel has 323 pages!
It's pretty different from all the other books I have reviewed. But it's different in a good way!
I recommend this book to girls ages 13+.
This is a mystery kind of book that I enjoyed!
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

Chloe is a normal girl. She isn't popular, but she doesn't mind. She has a best friend Maggie.
She is junior in High School. She isnt a very good student.
She doesn't have a good GPA or SAT results.
But everything changes when she falls asleep during Study hall in May and "wakes up"6 months later.
She can't remember a thing of the last six months.
She has changed A LOT.
She is popular.
She is dating her crush- Blake who is a major jock.
She has a perfect GPA and almost the highest SAT scores ever!
Her best friend Maggie won't even look at her.
She has a life that any girl would die for. But she can't enjoy it if she doesn't know anything about who she is.
What's wrong with her?
"What happened to her? Remembering the truth could be more dangerous than she knows..."
Why dangerous?
Read and find out!

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