Saturday, April 19, 2014

Six Months Later.

Six Months Later.
By: Natalie D. Richards.
This novel has 323 pages!
It's pretty different from all the other books I have reviewed. But it's different in a good way!
I recommend this book to girls ages 13+.
This is a mystery kind of book that I enjoyed!
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

Chloe is a normal girl. She isn't popular, but she doesn't mind. She has a best friend Maggie.
She is junior in High School. She isnt a very good student.
She doesn't have a good GPA or SAT results.
But everything changes when she falls asleep during Study hall in May and "wakes up"6 months later.
She can't remember a thing of the last six months.
She has changed A LOT.
She is popular.
She is dating her crush- Blake who is a major jock.
She has a perfect GPA and almost the highest SAT scores ever!
Her best friend Maggie won't even look at her.
She has a life that any girl would die for. But she can't enjoy it if she doesn't know anything about who she is.
What's wrong with her?
"What happened to her? Remembering the truth could be more dangerous than she knows..."
Why dangerous?
Read and find out!

Monday, April 14, 2014

The Dead And The Gone

The Dead And The Gone.
By: Susan Beth Pfeffer.
This is the 2nd book in the series of The Last Survivors.
The 1st book is: Life As We Knew It.
Then this is the 2nd book: The Dead And The Gone.
The 3rd book is: The World We Live In.
The 4th book is:  The Shade Of the Moon.
Life as we knew it and The Dead And the Gone are companion books.
But I'm going to focus mainly on "The Dead And The Gone."
It has 321 pages.
This novel was filled with panic and breathtaking events.
I read this book in a guided reading group. So I didn't read it in a day. We had the chapters agreed on what we would read for the week.
Thank god, I didn't read it right away because if I did I would have nightmares. The events placed such a clear picture in my head.
I recommend this book to girls and boys ages 12 or 13+.
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

An asteroid hits the moon. Which causes many many problems.
Alex Morales is 17 years old, very smart and intelligent. He has an older brother Carlos, who is in the Marines. A younger sister Bri, who is 15 years old and Julie who is 12.
They live in New York.
When the asteroid hits the moon, his mom is supposedly in the subway or at work in the hospital.
His father is in Puerto Rico.
Times in New York City are becoming more and more tough. Everyone is becoming desperate to survive.
After a couple weeks after the asteroid has hit the moon and no news from their mom or dad, they become worried but never lose hope.
If you read this book don't expect a happy ending.
There are lots of gruesome events with A LOT of detail.
So be careful reading it!

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Feeling Book.

The Feeling Book: The Care & Keeping of Your Emotions.
By: Lynda Madison.
Illustrator:Bonnie Timmons and Norm Bendell
This book has 104 pages.
I recommend this book to girls any ages. 
I would also recommend buying: The Feelings Book Journal.
I think that the journal and book go perfectly together.
I give this book a five out of five!

This book is basically on how to manage your emotions.
This book is only for girls.
In my opinion it great for younger and older girls. Both have feelings!
There are sections in the book about:
-How are you feeling.
-The Brain, the Body, & Butterflies.
-How do you really feel?
-The voice inside.
-Feeling Positive.
This book has many sections about how you feel, and why you feel that. In my opinion it makes you more confident.
There are also quizzes about what would you do in the situation. There are also strategies to help you.
There are also many popular Questions. And there are answers to the questions.
Every girl should have this book.
And yes this is from American Girl!
Also don't forget to check out the Journal!--

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday to Julia in the Bookland! April 8!

Happy 1st Birthday to this Blog!
I cannot believe it has been a year since I have started this blog!
It feels like yesterday.
Especially when you are doing what you love!
Thank you to everyone to has made this blog bigger than I expected!
I would also like to thank my sister who inspired me to make a blog.
She helped me start this blog.
You can visit her fashion blog->
I would also like to Thank all the authors that I have talked to and reviewed books!
I will add a link to all of the books I have reviewed this year:
(oldest to newest)
Those are all of the books I have reviewed this year!
I hope you like these books and reviews!
I hope this year will be as good as the 1st year!
And again, Thank You to everyone!

Monday, April 7, 2014


By: Veronica Roth.
Insurgent is the 2nd book in the series of Divergent.
It has 525 pages!
For this book to make sense, I recommend reading Divergent first. (I also reviewed Divergent!)
I recommend this novel to girls and boys ages 11+.
This book is written amazingly. I was really engaged in reading it! There is soo much suspense in it. I couldn't wait to turn the page, to see what happens.
Everyone should read the book and series!.
It gave me shivers with all the detail and description!
I give Insurgent a 5 out of 5!
The beginning of the book jumps right into how Divergent ended. 
Since Tris ( Beatrice) is Divergent, she is in danger. 
But, Tris never gives up. She fights for what she believes and knows is right.
"War" has broken out. War out for the Divergent.
Tris discovers that her worst enemies can also be kind and her beloved people can be the biggest  traitors.
Who will go first?
Faction before blood?
Or herself?
How will the divergent people survive?
Will Tris survive risking her life for other people?
Will Tobias?
Read to find out!
Everyone should read this book!
I guarantee that whoever reads this book and series will love it!

There will also be a movie made out of this book, just like Divergent!
The release date of the movie Insurgent is... March 20, 2015!
I can't wait to see the movie!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


By: Veronica Roth.
Divergent is the first book of the series.
This novel has 487 pages.
It many seem like a lot of pages, but in my opinion it's a VERY quick read. You also get engaged in what you are reading and time goes by quick!
I recommend this book to girls and boys ages 11+.
I give this book a 5 out of 5!!

Chicago's society is divided into 5 factions. 
Candor- the honest.
Dauntless- the brave.
Abnegation- the selfless.
Amity- the peaceful.
Erudite- the intelligent.
Beatrice Prior is born into the Abnegation faction, and so is her brother Caleb. Each person at the age of 16 has to take a aptitude test. When the results come back- it shows which faction they should choose.
But on choosing day they can choose any faction they want.
When Beatrice takes the aptitude test, her results come back as inconclusive. Which means she is Divergent.
Getting a result of Divergent is not impossible, just very rare.
And from there, the difficulties begin.
Read on and go on the journey with Beatrice and laugh, cry and worry!

There is also a movie of this book- Divergent!-
Shailene Woodley plays as Beatrice (Tris) Prior.-

Theo James plays as Tobias (Four) Eaton-

This movie is absolutely amazing!!
It is 2 and a half hours long but, I enjoyed every second of it!
So go read the book and watch the movie! You won't regret it!
If you have read the book and watched the movie, comment down below which one you like better or what you love about the movie and book!
I will be reviewing the other books in the series, too! 
So stay tuned!