Sunday, March 2, 2014

Jimmy's stars.

Jimmy's Stars.
By:  Mary Ann Rodman.
 This book has 272 pages.
This book is a very well written novel.
It has to do with World War II.
I recommend  this book to both boys and girls ages 9-12.
I give the book 5 out of 5 points!

Ellie McKelvey is in 6th grade. She loves her brother- Jimmy, with all her heart.
But when times get tough during World War II, and Jimmy gets drafted to go away.
Ellie is heartbroken.
She doesn't want Jimmy to leave. She wants him to stay home, safe.
When Jimmy leaves, Aunt Toots moves in, and stays in Jimmy's room. Ellie is not a big fan of Aunt Toots. 
Since Aunt Toots works at night, she makes sure the girls don't make any noise during the day.
When Christmas time approaches, Jimmy promised that he would come home for Christmas. So Ellie waits patiently. But Jimmy does not come. 
Will Jimmy come home? 
Or not?
Will Jimmy keep his promise?? 
Read to find out!!  

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