Friday, July 5, 2013

The Mystery of the Stolen Bike.

The Mystery of the Stolen Bike.
By: Marc Brown.
This book has 59 pages.
This is a Marc Brown Arthur book (#8).
I recommend this book to kids ages 6-9.
I think it's great that you can read the book and then watch the episode on t.v.
I think that kids should have this book because it teaches a lesson: that you should always tell the truth, otherwise things can get worse.
I give this book 5 out of 5!

Francine really really wants a bike. Everyone has one except her.
So she begs her parents for a bike, but they say they can't afford one right now.
So her father takes her to the basement and gives her his bike, which is the one that he had when he was a child.
But Francine isn't happy because the bike is all rusty and ugly.
So she decides to hide the bike in the bushes. But when she goes to the bushes the next day the garbage truck takes it.
So when her friends ask her where her bike is she says someone stole it.
Will Francine admit to her friends and family that she lied?
Read to find out!
See you next time! 

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