Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lucky Stars.

Lucky Stars.
By: Lucy Frank.
This book has 295 pages.
I really enjoyed this book because first of all it was about music, and there were 3 main characters that shared their point of view.
This book is full of life with the descriptions because these 3 kids have a amazing talent to sing but they have stage fright, and would never want to be on any kind of stage.
I recommend this book to teenagers.
I did have a slow beginning but later on it became funnier.
I give this a 4 out of 5!

Kira went to visit her dad, but later on ends on living with him.
She has a talent.
And it's to sing.
Her 2 friends Jake and Eugene like to sing, too but all 3 of them have stage fright.
They would do anything to avoid being on the stage.
So together they join the school chorus.
Their music teacher knows they can sing and that they have stage fright so she pushes them to do their best.
How will the 3 of them "survive" being on stage?
Read and find out!

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