Tuesday, June 18, 2013


By: Mary Casanova.
After you are done reading this book you can read the next book: Chrissa Stands strong, and then you can watch the movie!
This novel has 122 pages.
I am totally amazed with this book, I read it when ever I can!
I recommend this book for girls ages 8-13.
The novel has normal sized text and has drawings/ pictures.
This book is from the American Girl.
This is mostly about bullying and what Chrissa Maxwell did to stop it.

Chrissa Maxwell is entering fourth grade and is going to a new school because her family moved in with her grandmother.
As you might know going to a different school may be hard for some such as Chrissa, but her older brother Tyler who is a year older is confident.
So on her first day of school she tries to be her self but after some girls start picking on her she gets worried if she will ever make friends.
So she just ignores them but then things get worse when they start playing tricks on her.
So what will she do?
Will she be strong and tell a adult or let this continue?
Read to find out what she will do!
And if you have ever been bullied then you may be able to relate to Chrissa.
Remember you can also watch the movie!
See you next time!

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