Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beezus and Ramona.

Beezus and Ramona.
By: Beverly Cleary.
This novel has 183 pages.
But it also has drawings/ pictures and the font is big.
I loved this novel it has lots of detail so you can imagine the whole plot.
Also, when you are done reading the book you can watch the movie!
I recommend this book to children ages 8-12.
Also, if you have any younger siblings then you will be able to connect to this book!

Beatrice (Beezus) is  nine years old. While her younger sister Ramona is four years old.
Beatrice loves her little sister a lot, but at times she can be annoying, even though she tries to be patient with her it doesn't always work out!
She can be especially be annoying when she wants everyone to read her book: The Littlest Steam Shovel, which ever one hates.
But the one thing that Beezus hates is that everyone loves Ramona and doesn't think she is annoying.
So Beezus decides to take her sister to the library to pick out a "normal" book.
But Ramona picks out "Big Steve the Steam Shovel."
So how will Beezus survive her little sister?
Will she make a plan?
Read to find out!
Remember to watch the movie later on!
See you next time!