Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Among the Impostors.

Among the Impostors.
By: Margaret Peterson Haddix.
This is the second book to the Shadow Children Sequence.
 Throughout this novel was written with detail and suspense.
So imagine never seeing people, only your family, and then you don't see your family at all only people that you don't know.
Would you be scared?
You can't use your real name! But a fake one.
I would be scared!
Would you?
 I give this book a 5 out of 5! I recommend this book to anyone!!

So Luke Garner (Fake name: Lee Grant.)
Has come  out of hiding to pretend to be someone he is not! But that is his only chance of surviving in the world because he is a illegal 3rd child.
So he attends Hendricks School for boys. But everyone there is cruel and mean.
Or do they just seem mean? Maybe he will meet other illegal kids like him?
But later on he realises that the school has no windows. Why?
One day while he is walking around he finds the front door open!
Will he go outside and run away or not?
Will his behavior betray him?
Well what you need to do is read!!
But remember, first you need to read the first book to this sequence: Among the Hidden!
See you next time!

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