Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Cage.

The Cage.
By: Ruth Minsky Sender 
What would you do if you were a Polish-Jewish teenager during world war 2? 13  years old to be exact. What would you? Spend all of you'r childhood years in a ghetto in Lodz, Poland. In 3 concentration camps.
Well what Ruth Minsky Sender did is survive and tell her story.
This novel is for young adults and older. 
You cant put a rate on this book, because of all of the events, you just cant. If you have read this book or will read it, you will understand.

A little summary:
This is what you would hear on a regular basis in the ghetto in Lodz, Poland. This half-grown girl, who's mom is taken away by the Germans.  So now it is her time to become the mom and to raise her 3 brothers. 
But when times become tough in the ghetto and they decide to go to the camps in Germany. 
While the Germans declare that if people go there with their family, they will stay together. But they lied.
Everyone should read this book! For the journey that Ruth Minsky Sender had, and not only her but everyone back then.
So read this book and find out if she reunites with her family.
Have you read this book? Then comment what you think about this novel!!
See you next time!

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