Monday, April 15, 2013

Hachiko Waits.

Hachiko Waits. By: Leslea Newman.
This is a touching book. It only has 92 pages, which is not a lot at all.
In the back it even has a glossary of Japanese words. So you get to read a touching book and get the chance to learn a little bit of Japanese words!

Did you know this book is based on a true story? Well it is!
There is even a statue of Hachicko.

The summary:
Professor Eizaburo Ueno has a Akita puppy. Hachiko.
Every single morning when Professor Eizaburo was going to the train station, Hachiko would go with him. Walk him to the station. Then go back home. Then when it was time for the train to arrive he would go back to the station and pick his owner up.
That's what he did every day. Until on evening when Hachiko goes to the station, Professor Eizaburo is not there.
So then Hachiko waits for the next train. But he is not there.
So Hachiko waits and waits but his master is not there.
Hachiko waits for 10 years.
Not even the boy that takes care of Hachi for the while he is at the train station can persuade him to leave!
This is a must read book, for all ages, and especially if you are dog lover.
So write you'r review and say what you think!
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