Thursday, April 11, 2013

Greek Tragedy: Rapunzel

This is just a little poem that I would like to share with everyone. Yes I wrote it! :
So here we go:
Rapunzel: Hello there people this is me,
I'm the person I was born to be.
Here's a lesson you need to know,
This will help you as you grow.
It's important so listen up,
Listen very hard but don't mess up,
If there is a person you don't know,
If their coming close don't trust them no!

Chorus: Mama went to check the soup, 
While Rapunzel was in the chicken coup. 
Then comes a very ugly witch.

Witch:Hello there lovely child,
Come with me and you'll have more style.

Rapunzel: If you'r talking style we can go,
 But not so far from Idaho.

Witch:  Okay, why look what beautiful hair,
With this hair I could become a

Couple Years later....
Chorus: Now her family is looking for her,
They've been looking four years no luck but blur.

Witch: I am going to the store,
When I leave don't be bored, do you'r chore.
(Witch leaves)

Prince: Rapunzel, let down you'r hair,
Come with me and you'll be safe with care.

Rapunzel: How did you find me in this place?
All I know is this is not my birthplace!

Chorus: When Rapunzel went down the alarm went off.
The castle went boom and her hair got cut off.

Zues: People, people here I come,
I will help you and you'll be with you'r mom.

Rapunzel: Thank you, Thank you, wait who are you?

Chorus: Zues is a very powerful god,
He has a very strong bod.
This is very important so listen up,
Listen very hard and don't mess up.
If there's a person you don't know
If there coming close don't trust them, No!!

(This is not the entire poem. I shortened b/c it was a little long! :P)
Hopefully everyone likes it!
See you next time!!

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