Sunday, April 28, 2013

Among the Hidden.

Among the Hidden.
By: Margaret Peterson Haddix.
This book is the first to the Shadow Children Sequence.
The series has 7 books. But they are not very long.
For example this book has 153 pages.
I recommend this book to anyone. 
This is a very fast read.( I know I say this a lot, but really this book is like a sit down, read, and finish!)
I personally read this book in a hour during class.
I give this book a 5 out of 5. I loved it! 

A quick summary:

Luke  Garner is 12 years old.
He lives on a farm with his mom, dad, and 2 brothers, Matthew and Mark.
The problem is where Luke lives each family is allowed to have 2 kids.
While his family has 3. So, Luke is a illegal child.
A shadow child.
If you are a 3rd child you have to hide from the public, if you don't someone can report you to the population police. 
One day, when everyone went to work or school, Luke looked out the window and he see's a girl in a house near by. But that family already has 2 kids. Is that girl a shadow child too?
Will Luke risk his life and go there? 
Will he survive?
Well read and find out!!
(I will be writing about the 7 books in this series!)
See you next time!!

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