Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Diary Of An Oxygen Thief

Diary Of An Oxygen Thief
By: Anonymous
This book has 151 pages.
The first page of this book is plastered all over social media.
Does this look familiar:
After stumbling across this picture numerous times, I was intrigued and wanted to see what the hype was about.
After reading this book inside and out, twice, I must say that the hype is very much so unnecessary.
The narrator is not only unbearably arrogant, but also a complete douchebag.
He goes around hurting girls and yet feels like he is a victim in the whole situation.
Completely delusional!
Another problem with this book is that it's so glamorized!
A bunch of way too young kids are reading this book and it defiantly not appropriate for any young adult.
It's scary to think that someone young may pick up this book and read it and mistake this as how love should feel like.
Although the book was written in a unique way, it felt rushed and stuck in a cycle. 
It gives a screwed up outlook on love and no one should think that what the people endured was love.
Yes, the opening line of the book is a good attention getter, but the rest of the book does not live up to the expectation.
It's horrible to think that this is a true story. 
What this man does is he attracts girls, makes them fall for him, uses them, convinces them that he loves them even though he feels nothing to them, and then he dumps them. 
To him it doesn't matter how long it take, a week or five years.
He's an alcoholic trying to get his life together while feeling sorry for himself and making excuses for the pain he has caused plenty of girls.
I give this a 1 out of 5.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Milk and Honey

Milk and Honey
By: Rupi Kaur
This book has 204 pages.
Milk and Honey contains beautifully written poems separated into four sections- the hurting, the loving, the breaking, and the healing.
Poetry is a very personal type of writing, but the best part is when you find that poem that you absolutely feel for.
All of these poems are raw, powerful, and extraordinary. 
The vulnerability is what makes this book so touching.
It covers topics such as love, heartbreak, violence, abuse, strength, and femininity.
I myself am not one to favoritize  poetry, but I am a big quote person.
I was scrolling through Tumblr and saw many different excerpts from Milk and Honey and the  captivating emotion that I could feel made me decide to order it.
I have no regret in doing so.
This collection of poetry will defiantly be one of those that I'll be going back to often and rereading to remind myself that there is hope.
I recommend this book to anyone, especially to those that may not think that poetry is their type of thing. This will defiantly change their mind.
I give this book a 5 out of 5!
Some of my favorite poems from Milk and Honey:

"trying to convince myself
i am allowed 
to take up space
is like writing with
my left hand
when i was born
to use my right"

"don't mistake
salt for sugar
if he wants to
be with you
he will
it's that simple"

"the thing 
worth holding on to
would not have let go"

"love made the danger
in you look like safety"

"you were not wrong for leaving
you were wrong for coming back
and thinking
you could have me
when it was convenient
and leave when it was not"

Saturday, August 13, 2016


By: Tabitha Suzuma.
This book has 454 pages.
I recommend this book to anyone who is 14 and older.
Before I get into this review I have to say that this book is going to be hard to review.
To someone who hasn't read the book, my review and opinion about it will seem strange and unusual.
For those who might have read the book, you might understand where I'm coming from with what I'm going to write about the book.
Usually the books that contain the the topic of incest are usually about non-consensual incest.
This book however is about how two siblings fall in love.
While reading this book, you go on an emotional roller coaster.
You know that what the characters are doing isn't right, but at the same time you somehow want them  to find a way to be together.
They too know that what they are doing is wrong, but to them it seems so right.
I am honestly at loss of words at trying to explain how this book made me feel.
Honestly speechless.
It made me want to cry once I reached the ending.
It's just not the typical kind of book that you hear or read.
It felt like my brain was being manipulated. The author does a great job of making you forget that Lochan and Maya are siblings.
They are honestly in love.
No part in the book did I question if their feelings were real or not.
As many of you know, I really like books that have alternating points of view. In this book, it switches between Lochan and Maya.
This book tugs on your heartstrings. As a reader you just want them to end up happy.
I will no be accepting anyone's opinion about this review if they first haven't read the book.
The book is honestly amazing.
I give it a 5 out of 5!

Lochan is the oldest of five siblings. Maya is the second oldest.
Lochan is 17 years old and Maya is 16 years old.
Kit is a troublesome 13 year old brother that as a reader you just have to close the book out of annoyance. 
Then there's Tiffin and Willa who are just kids who are forced to grow up sooner than they should.
Their mother honestly has no right to call herself a mother. She is an alcoholic who has a priority of partying with her boyfriend over caring for her kids.
Lochan and Maya have sadly become used to this and have taken on the role of being the "mom" and "dad" to their siblings.
Their father chose to leave when he couldn't handle being with the family.
Lochan and Maya have always been best friends and felt more than siblings.
To getting their younger siblings ready for school, helping them with homework, and basically raising them, they are always together.
They want to raise them right.
But Kit doesn't understand what they are sacrificing for him, Tiffin, and Willa.
He wants to rebel against them as much as possible. 
Lochan is a straight A student, but can't handle talking. He has a phobia of talking in front of his classmates. He can talk to anyone other than his classmates. He gets laughed at for it, but he has more important things to worry about.
It's normal to date while being a teen, but Lochan has never had a girlfriend.
As Lochan and Maya start spending more time with each other, they both start to have strong feelings for each other, but they try to push them aside because they know that what they feel is illegal.
Maya tries to date a guy in hope to forget about her feelings for her older brother.
But sometimes love chooses you and has no bounds.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

A Different Me

A Different Me.
By: Deborah Blumenthal.
This book has 261 pages.
I recommend this book to girls ages 14 and older.
This book is definatley a quick summer read!
Everyone has their own insecurities. Some people are insecure about their hair, their past, their weight. Anything can be an insecurity. In this case, Allie's insecurity is her nose.
This book does a good job of teaching readers that just because a person seems fine on the outside, they're not necessarily fine on the inside.
We all look at someone that has something that we don't and wish that we had it.
We think that maybe if we had that one thing, everything would be so much better. We assume that out life would be perfect. But is that really true?
Everyone should be conformable in their own skin. Their appearance shouldn't hold anyone back.
Of course it's easy to say that, but harder to do.
I really enjoyed this book because you got to know the characters as humans and their emotions where realistic and not fake.
Sometimes all it takes is to be around people who make you feel wanted and your whole perspective on life changes.
This book defiantly teaches a valuable lesson!
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

Allie is a high school student who has an insecurity that gets in way with her daily activities.
Her nose is her biggest insecurity. She's just a teenager but she is sure she wants rhinoplasty, in other words, a nose job.
She's been wanting it ever since she can remember.
She thinks if her nose didn't have that noticeable bump, her life would be so much better.
She goes onto a website where other people write their insecurities about their noses, and Allie can relate to what is being said. 
On that website, she makes two friends Mel and Katrina.
They all decide to get a nose job. 
Mel gets the surgery first, leaving Allie a bit jealous and wanting a nose job even more.
Allie is a good student. She's not popular but she has her close group of friends.
At times, she wishes she was Amber. Amber is the popular girl that is drop dead gorgeous. She thinks that Amber's life is perfect. 
She looks up to Amber and wants to be like her. But with her low self-esteem, lack of popularity and of course her nose in the way, she isn't happy with her life. 
But one day she gets the news that she'll be tutoring Amber. 
After a while of tutoring, Allie and Amber become very good friends to the point that Amber opens up to Allie about her life.
That's when Amber realizes that a pretty face, doesn't means a pretty life.
Allie also starts tutoring this guy David that she considers a bit of a freak.
He always has a camera with him and takes pictures of everyone, especially at their worst moments. He wears eyeliner to school, and just in general sends out wired vibes.
David and Allie become close and she never expected this to happen.
With Allie becoming more self confident with the people who accept her for who she is, what will happen with her life?

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Skin and Bones

Skin and Bones.
By: Sherry Shahan.
This book has 259 pages.
I recommend this book to both boys and girls 13 and older.
Once I was done reading this book, I was left wanting to know what happens with every character.
You go on a wild roller coaster ride with all of these characters and watch how they develop and grow  and then the book ends and you don't know what to think.
I enjoyed seeing how all the relationships grew into something magical!
This is a very quick read.
Once you get into the book, you honestly can't put it down.
Although I enjoyed the book, I felt like some parts of the book dragged on a bit too long.
In my opinion, this book is special because it shares a story that is realistic.
Many books that I have read about eating disorders, a girl is usually the protagonist, while in this book, a boy is the main character.
Each character plays a special role in the book and in Jack's recovery.
Jack starts doing things that he never thought that he would find the courage to do.
It's not the same old plot like every book.
It holds romance, suspense, and action!
This novel was written in a way that deals with a serious topic, but in a way that won't bore teenagers and conveys the necessary lesson.
I give this book a 4 out of 5!

Jack is being sent away to the EDU, which is the Eating Disorders Unit.
It has been decided that he will benefit being there. 
Jack is dealing with anorexia.
It all started when he was younger and a saleswomen handed him a pair of jeans that were husky.
It started with losing a few pounds, to feeling stronger when not eating.
His roommate, David, who people call Lard, is a compulsive overeater. Also he is an aspiring chef.
They become close friends, almost like brothers, even though they are opposites in certain things.
They reach the point where they can joke about each other .
From dealing with Dr.Chu, to having trouble eating, and going up to the hospital roof to do some illegal stuff, they've done it all.
One day, a fragile girl walks into the dinning room and Jack is in awe.
He's never been in love or had any kind of contact with girls in that way, but if he were to describe being in love, this is how he would describe it.
The girl that he sees is Alice.
Alice is a returning patient. Just like Jack, she has anorexia.
She is an aspiring ballerina who doesn't care how hard she has to work for her dreams to come true.
She refuses to eat to the point, she has to be put in the ICU.
Lard also starts a relationship with a girl in the EDU.
Unlike Jack, you could say that Alice is experienced when it comes to relationships.
Just when the future looks good for Jack, a dramatic event happens that changes everything.
Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!

Friday, June 24, 2016

The Chronicles of Dan Lee O'Brien

The Chronicles of Dan Lee O'Brien
By: David Jordan.
This book has 252 pages.
Since it is summer, us students, we have more time than we usually do. 
For those students that adore reading books, like me, must be excited about this time of year!
It's only been two weeks of summer for me and I've already finished reading four books!
I recommend this book to anyone and everyone that is looking for an amazing book to read over the summer.
I know that many people my age don't enjoy reading books. One of my close friends is like that. 
I've given her numerous books that I enjoyed for her to read, and each time I get the same answer from her, "It's too boring. I don't like it," or "This has such a basic plot, I'm not gonna read it."
I gave her a week to read this book and to tell me what she thinks. 
In two days I get a phone call from her saying how this book, is the best book that she has ever read!
She can't stop talking about it.
So to all those people saying that reading just isn't their thing, I defiantly recommend this book to you!
This book contains 11 short stories.
It is based off of Irish mythology.
The cool part of the book is that it includes specific names of gods and goddesses. It's great how the book has a modern taste to it!
Another thing that I loved about the book is that after reading each short story, the reader is left with a lesson. There's a deeper meaning to each short story!
Certain parts of the book had mysterious vibes to them which was captivating.
 In each story, you get to go on an adventure with Dan Lee.
I guess you could say that he is a specialist in investigating supernatural events.
At times, Dan Lee encounters hardships along the way.
The way that he handles every situation is something special!
I've read many books before, but this one is defiantly unique and I will remember it!
You will not regret reading this book!
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
By: Jonathan Safran Foer.
This novel has 326 pages.
I recommend this book to anyone 14 and older.
I've read this book twice and watched the movie once. Yet I'm still not a big fan of this book or movie.
The first time I read the book, I was 12, and reading that book at that age was a bad idea.
The book includes many inappropriate topics, so I do not recommend this book to anyone who is under 14. When I first read the book, I didn't understand it, nor did I like it. 
The second time that I read this book was a month ago for class. 
Even though I have grown, I still find this book very inappropriate. 
But I defiantly understood this book way more than before. 
I defiantly felt sad and sorry for Oskar, the main character, but he was such a unique character that I had a hard time trying to understand him and trying to connect with him. 
I did like the style that the book was written in. 
I also enjoyed reading the flashback chapters, it added a bit of a twist to the book.
The character development was absolutely present, and so was were the character relationships. 
Overall, I give this book a 3 out of 5!

Oskar Schell is a nine year old boy going through a tough time in his life. He recently lost his dad in the 9/11 attacks. 
Oskar and his dad had a special father-son bond. They had something that could never be replaced.
 His father always saw the potential in him and challenged him to use that potential to do things that other kids his age weren't able to do.
Oskar was defiantly a lot smarter than the average nine year old. Not only smarter but he has way more knowledge than necessary for his age.
Oskar and his father would play this one game called the reconnaissance expedition, which is basically a scavenger hunt, but with more thinking involved.
It seems like everyone is moving on after a while, even his mom has started seeing someone new.
But Oskar is far from moving on from what happened. 
Once day he finds a key in a vase in his dads closet. The key has "Black" written on it. 
Determined to know what they key stands for, Oskar goes out on a mission to find the answer to his question.
He is so determined that nothing can stop him. 
He sets out a plan to meet with everyone in New York with the last name of Black and see if they knew his father or know anything about the key.
He follows through with his plan and let me just say that what he finds out was not what he expected.
Along the way he learns a thing or two about his family.
I hope you enjoy this review and enjoy the book!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

All The Bright Places

All The Bright Places
By: Jennifer Niven.
This book has 388 pages.
I recommend this book to anyone who is thirteen and older.
 This book contains a lot of serious content, so please make sure you can handle the content before reading the book!
Just like so many books that I have read, I enjoyed how this book had alternating points of view.
It allowed the readers to follow the journey of the two main characters and understand what both of them are going through personally.
I can honestly say that this book has definitely changed my perspective on certain situations.
We all have to remember that what we say to people and how we act towards them impacts them no matter how much they may deny it.
In this book, Finch is the perfect example of that.
Finch tries to act tough and make it seem like what people say about him doesn't matter to him. He doesn't want people to think that he is weak.
He is well known as the freak.
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

Violet and Finch are the two people who you would never expect to end up being friends. 
 Finch is the mysterious type of guy that stands out from the crowd. Violet is the popular cheerleader that is living the dream of a high school girl.
What people don't know is that both of them are dealing with very serious issues. 
The bell tower is a place where Finch has gone to many times. Not necessarily to jump, but to see what it would be like if he jumped. Would people care? He thinks people wouldn't care. Little does he know that a lot of people would  genuinely care. 
At the same time, Violet decides to see what's like on the bell tower. We all know she's not up there for the view. 
It's never really clear who saves who. People start to notice that she is up there.
A rumor gets spread around that Violet is the hero and saved Finch the Freak.
People tend to assume certain things based off of stereotypes. 
There is no such thing as a good stereotype.
Violet and Finch are both seniors in high school wanting to desperately graduate and start life the way that they want to.
But at the same time, Finch does't know if he'll even make it to tomorrow.
Everyday Violet marks off the day until graduation.
Violet and Finch end up partners for a class project.
Their assignment is to travel around the state that they live in, which is Indiana, and write down all the good stuff.
After a while it's clear that they both have feelings for each other.
But can two broken souls end up together?
At times the book definitely kept me on the edge of my seat.
The author did a good job of giving you this feeling of feeling speechless when certain things happen.
Reading this book will be worth it.
Also I wanted to say, if anyone ever needs someone to talk to, I am always here!
Let me know what you think of the book!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park
By: Rainbow Rowell.
This book has 325 pages.
I recommend this book to anyone 13 and older!
I really love how this book isn't the typical love story.
I definitely am a fan of love stories, but after reading so many, at times it feels like every love story has the same plot and the same ending.
 I am happy to say that this book isn't the average love story!
The character development is so great! As a reader, we get to see each and every character grow. Not only that, but also we watch all the relationships grow and become stronger.
Also, the alternating point of views was something that made the book a whole lot better!
My only problem with the book was the ending!
Of course I will not spoil it, but the ending was not what I expected.
Many people agree that the ending should have been different.
Even though the ending is not what we want, it makes the book a bit different by having this ending!
In general this was such a heartwarming book!
I give this book a 4 out of 5!

The book is set in the mid 80's.
In a crowd, Eleanor stands out. She doesn't do it purposely. If she could, she'd hide from the crowd. 
Park is a laid back type of guy. In a way, he stands out too.
 Eleanor and Park are both sixteen. Two high school students who don't know much about love.
Yet, they both develop a crush on each other.
Eleanor gets bullied in school for the way that she looks. Especially on the bus.
Park and Eleanor start sitting together on the bus. Park is into comic books and music.
He brings comic books onto the bus ride to school and Eleanor can't help but read the comic books over his shoulder. 
They start talking to each other and become friends.
Eleanor doesn't feel good enough compared to Park.
She comes from a poor family. She lives with her siblings, mom, and a violent stepfather.
She doesn't have good clothes, she just wears what she can. She doesn't even have her own toothbrush.
Park on the other hand, has a good life at home.
As their feelings become greater, they want to start hanging out together.
There's no way that Eleanor could bring Park over to her home, so instead Park brings Eleanor to his home.
His parents aren't too thrilled about Eleanor. But after a while they grow accustomed to her.
Later on in the book problems start to occur, which leads to an unexpected ending!
I  defiantly recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a quick, heartwarming book!
Let me know what you think of the book!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Walter and the Resurrection of G

Walter and the Resurrection of G.
By: T. J Armstrong.
This book has 492 pages.
I recommend this book to anyone 14+.
I really like the style that this book was written in.
The book had a ton of detail. All of the detail allowed you to visualize everything going on. 
 I really like how the detail was spread out. There was always enough detail that it made you keep on reading and kept you on the edge of your seat.
I also realized that there was a bit of foreshadowing. Even though it wasn't stated exactly, you could assume some of the events that will take place. 
I've learned not to judge a book by it's cover! 
If I saw this book at a bookstore or library, chances are, I would't pick it up.
Why? Well, medieval settings aren't my cup of tea. 1/2 through the book,  I realized that I couldn't put the book down! 
I really did enjoy reading it!
So for all the people thinking that they might not like it, I recommend this book to you!
It's honestly worth the read!
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

First of all the book has two parts. The first part takes place in medieval time. The second part takes place in modern day. 
In the first part, the book starts off with Walter being born. We get to follow him all through his life. We get to see all of his accomplishments and failures. At times it can be too much, especially since the reader forms a connection with Walter. In a way the reader knows who Walter is and what he really wants, and we can infer how the decisions he makes will impact him later on in life. 
Walter is the son of a Cartwright. From a young age he shows his ambitions.
He is a smart young man and also a good singer. 
Little does he know that those ambitions of his might cause trouble for him when he's older.
In the second part, G is a professor at Oxford.
He has all of Walter's songs, poems and writings.
The main problem is that Professor G dies.
He has written that now it is Ian's and Lillian's responsibility to publish all of those writings. 
I absolutely loved the combination of the olden days and modern day.
Hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why
By: Jay Asher.
This book has 288 pages.
I recommend this book to anyone 14+.
A lot of my friends told me to read this book, but I wasn't so sure if I wanted to.
The book seemed too sad for me by the detail people were telling me.
I wasn't too excited to read it, but I did.
After reading this, I must say, don't judge a book by it's cover!
I absolutely loved reading this book.
At some points it even brought me to tears.
This book made me realize that being negative towards someone, no matter how minimal the negativity is, it will hurt them.
Everyone's actions impact a persons life and future.
Thirteen Reasons Why shows this in a strong way.
I really like the format the author wrote the book in. The cassettes, the memories, and the emotion played a big role in this book.
I give it a 5 out of 5!

Hannah Baker is no longer alive, she committed suicide. 
Clay is an average type of guy. Everything will change for him and the people that received the box in the mail.
When Clay receives the box, he's a bit confused. Who wouldn't be?
Inside the box are 7 cassette tapes with 13 lectures from Hannah Baker. 
Those cassette tapes explain the reasons why Hannah committed suicide.
If a person has received the box, that means that they are one of the reasons she committed suicide .
Hannah was Clay's crush.
He has no desire in listening to the tapes. But at the same time he wants to know what he did.
In a way he has to listen to them, because Hannah made it clear that if you don't listen, and share the box to the next person, she'll make the cassette tapes public. 
The whole plot of the book made me sad, but the emotion conveyed in the book made it even sadder.
 I wish I could write more about this book, but if I did,  I'd spoil it.
You won't regret reading this book!

Sunday, November 1, 2015


By: Lucy Christopher.
This book has 299 pages.
I love this book. It's unique from any other book that I have read that involves kidnapping. 
The format of the book was a letter. 
It's Gemma, the girl who got kinapped, writing to her kidnapper.
It's definitely not what I thought it would be. 
Reading this book you just want to continue reading and you never want it to end, but at the same time you want to know what happens.
You can't help but put yourself into each characters place and think what you would do.
Gemma is a strong and stubborn character. Little does she know, Ty is too. 
This novel left me torn with my thoughts trying to figure out what to think about it. 
It's simple but complex.
It's a must read.
I recommend this book to anyone 13 and older. 
It's a quick read. You can't put down the book because you just want to continue to know what happens.
I give it a five out of five!!

16 year old Gemma is abducted by Ty. To her he seemed like a harmless stranger.
Little did she know, she had a stalker. 
Ty was her stalker for the last 6 years. Which means he started stalking her when she was 10.
He abducts her to a desert in Australia. He built a house there so they can both live there.
He claims that he has saved her. In the beginning she doesn't want to see that.
She wants to escape and go back to her family. 
Even though Gemma and her family don't have the best relationship, she wants to be safe.
 She's stubborn and wants her way. 
Ty isn't the typical abductor. He's harmless. He wants Gemma to love him like he loves her.
But would you trust your abductor?
He knows so much about her. She can't lie, because he already knows the truth.
What happens when Stockholm Syndrome kicks in?
Can they actually live together and create a happy life?
Or will the fact that he kidnapped her ruin their so called relationship?
To answer those questions, read and find out!
Hope you like it!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dangerous Reflections.

Dangerous Reflections.
By: Shay West.
Dangerous Reflections is the first book in the series: Adventures of Alexis Davenport.
This book has 214 pages.
I recommend this book to anyone! It's honestly amazing. 
Especially to the teens who don't like to read because they think reading is 'boring'. This book will definitely change their opinion.
I adored this book.
The plot was easy to follow. There was no confusion.
All of the detail and specifics was incredible!
Reading this book you could still have learned some history while reading it. My favorite books are where you read them but still learn lessons. That's why this books has earned a place on my favorite's list!
Alex is trying to fit in with the crowd in school. She's starting High School. The start of High School  is stressful and reading this book I felt the emotions each character had!
I give this book a 5 out of 5!

Alexis is starting school but not the way she expected she would be. Alexis and her mom have move in with her aunt because of her father suddenly leaving them. A new school year is stressful for everyone. For Alexis it's 10 times more stressful. She has to accustom to her new home and school. 
People aren't always nice and cross the line with words and actions.
Alexis isn't happy right now.
A strange thing has been occurring to Alexis. When Alexis looks into the mirror she sees  someones  reflection. (Let's be honest, we'd be freaking out if we saw someones reflection.)
Alexis has to deal with so many things, she doesn't know is she's going crazy or not.
One day she gets captured into the mirror. She gets to experience history. Not the type of history, like yesterday, but history that has occurred a long time ago. Good thing Alexis doesn't mind history. Now the history she knows depends on her. Will history stay the same, or will she alter it? 
Will Alexis learn to deal with her new life or will she hold a grudge?
What would you do?
I honestly recommend this book to everyone! 
If your looking for a book to sit down and read, this is the one!

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Hi everyone!
I know, I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been really busy.
I'm aware that excuses aren't excuses, but I had to take a break.
I took a break from my blog because I wanted to concentrate on school. 
After school activities, homework, and studying has made me very busy and stressed. 
That doesn't mean I haven't been reading books, because I have been reading a lot!
My goal for now is to update at least once a week. That's my goal for now. During the summer, I'll definitely be posting more.
So many reviews are coming your way. 
Tomorrow will be my first review back!
Hope you guys understand!
See you tomorrow!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Cellar.

"The Cellar".
By: Natasha Preston.
This novel has 347 pages.
This book caught my attention quickly. Especially since before it became a published book, it was on Wattpad. An online community where anyone and everyone can write their own book.
It's one of the best sites.
As much as this book kept me on the edge of my seat, it was repetitive. 
I wanted to see what would happen but I'd get bored.
One of the thing's that I liked is that some chapters were written in different points of view. Which I really love.
The descriptive words in the book painted a crystal clear imagine, even at times I didn't really want it to.
I recommend this book to girls ages 14 and up!
I give this book a 4 out of 5.

Summer is going to a party with her friends. Her boyfriend- Lewis, keeps on telling her that if she wants he could drive her there. Summer declines the offer because nothing ever happens in the town they live.
Summer  disappears without a trace. Everyone is worried sick.
Colin is her kidnapper. He puts her into a cellar with 3 other girls- Rose, Poppy, and Violet. Those aren't their real names. Colin renames the girls as flowers. Summer's new name is Lily.  Even Colin renamed himself-Clover.
Living in the cellar is unimaginable. Colin hates  anything that is dirty. Even if the flowers die, he turns to violence. The girls think he is in need of a family. Everything has to be neat and tidy.
Poppy tried to rebel against Clover. She did not succeed. Her punishment was death. 
Will Summer be rescued?
Will they all rebel together?
Would it work?
Read to find out!